25 mars 2010

my bottomless pit of a stomach

Spring is here! The sun is out and the birds are a-singing! And zejunkie is up to no good in the kitchen again. A beautiful dish, that wonderful smell tantalising and calling out at her growling stomach.

Now answer this.. What will she do next?

1) Eat it, savour it, devour it, annhilate it
2) Leave it to cool while she pokes and turns the food in search of that perfect photo, then with no choice but to quickly nuke it in the microwave again

If you said number 2, congratulations! Wa-hey! You do know me after all, and I guess you understand why I started this foodblog.

In this blog, I'm gonna experiment with all different types of cuisine. The french part of this blog will be focused on asian cooking and targeted at well french people who think that oyster sauce is essentially the same thing as soya sauce. (?!) The english part of the blog will deal with anything from asian to french to african. Oh and desserts, can't tear me away from my desserts.

I'm just trying to be ze curious junkie, looking for my next fix.

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